Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Blog Swap

20SB blogswap comin atcha courtesy of Megan and Blaez! Our theme today: Love overcoming Trajedies and Heartbreak, ENJOY!!! Check out my post over at her blog

My Grandmother is barely 5 feet tall. Her shoes used to fit me when I was 10 years old - Now they're half the size of my size 10 shoes! But as my Grandfather says: "Little women, mean like hell."

That tough old bird has been through hell and back. Four years ago, she was diagnosed with breast cancer. She beat it gracefully - thank goodness. But she's had her share of health complications since.

Most recently, she suffered a stroke. When I found out, I immediately gassed up my little Subaru and sped down the thruway - the 4 hour drive took about 3 hours. When I arrived, I found my Grandmother laying under a thin sheet in the low-lit yet harsh hospital lights.

When I first walked in to the room, she didn't recognize me. I think I caught her off-guard (no one told her I was coming). "Ohh honey girl!" she said, after a double take. "You must've come straight away!"

Thankfully the stroke didn't affect her brain that badly. It was a mild, though her doctor maintains there's no such thing. I sat with my grandmother for a while and chatted, filling her in on my recent break-up and travels - she always hates focusing on herself in times like this. She complained about her feet being cold and I found those synthetic blue hospital socks and slipped them on her teeny feet - the use of her arms was very limited.

I headed to my grandparents house and caught my Grandfather right before he was heading to bed. The man is in his 80s and still gets up at 4am to deliver papers every morning. He works his fingers to the bone to provide a house and home for my Grandmother and family. He loves my Grandmother more than anything in the world. His eyes still light up when she enters a room. Of course, they have their share of bickering and nagging- we joke that my Grandfather has voluntarily gone deaf so he doesn't need to listen to her anymore - but at the end of the day, you can see the tender moments of absolute adoration in their eyes.

One thing I can say, as a child of divorce, marriage scares me. But when I see my grandparents and how much loves my Grandmother the only thing that scares me is never finding that love. And I know that like Ying and Yang, one of my Grandparents wouldn't survive without the other.

The point of this story isn't an illness or a tragedy. It's not an injustice or crime. The point is love. That's the point of everything. Those who say that it's not have never experienced the power of love. I experience it everyday. I love my friends and family with all my heart and that love is enough for me. One day, I hope to find that "can't-eat-can't-sleep-shoot-for-the-stars" kind of love. But until then, I'm going to enjoy loving myself and those closest to me.

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