Tuesday, July 21, 2009

got an award x 2!

many thanks go out to Mejis and Lynn for awarding me with

the rules have changed a bit since I was last awarded with this one so here are the new and improved rules!

1. “The Honest Scrap” award is not one to hold all to your self but it must be shared!

2. First, the recipient has to tell 10 true things about themselves in their blog that no one else knows.

3. Second, the recipient has to pass along this prestigious award to 10 more bloggers.

4. Third, those 10 bloggers all have to be notified they have been given this award.

5. Those 10 bloggers that receive this award should link back to the blog that awarded them “The Honest Scrap’ award.

So, 10 things about myself, OK here we go:

1) i have strange dreams about people i work with...

2) all my dreams seem to have a sexual undertone

3) i am jealous of people who have babies (remember, jealousy can be a form of flattery)

4) i am a thin porn star stripper trapped in a fat accountants body

5) i wish i was a cat

6) i will not name my children normal or common names

7) i hate my fiance's exwife so much i could gouge out her eye balls and feed them to rats

8) i pretend my cats are real kids when no one is watching...

9) i google my name and stalk others who have my name to make sure they are not trying to impersonate me

10) if i could live off chocolate and lose weight i would do it
The 10 bloggers that I have chosen are:
1 Jamie Unscripted a new blog i found and love reading!
2 Life of a Valley Girl i love her raw honesty
3 The Great Life of Jo Jo she's a funny chic and i am happy she married my friend!
4 A Super Girl she's a supergirl in my eyes!!
5 Average 20 Something she's the best damn kickball player i know! --ok ok the only one i know...
6 Fat & Fabulous she tells it like it is and doesn't hold punches! i love the way she tells her story
7 Life of Leetid she's got monthly hotties!!
8 Megs Mumbo Jumbo she's my blog swap partner for tomorrow :)
9 Little Miss Pissy we share a love of being in love.. cue cute "aaaaaaaaaaawe" now :)
10 The Perkster another new read that i am finding myself sucked into and loving it!!


  1. You Rock Jen! New bloggers for me to read. Yay!I had some things to post, but I guess will take a back seat for today. My finger is better (not broken), but the nail is doomed. It looks like I put a large olive on my index finger. I assume the nasty colors will be coming soon. So far its just reddish/purple and swollen. Did I mention that it go so squished that blood came out of my nail bed? Yup. That nail is a gonner!

  2. I can relate to #7! You're welcome for the award. I shall have to check out those blogs!

  3. Thanks for the award!

  4. Thanks for the award! It's been awhile since I've gotten one!!!


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