Wednesday, June 17, 2009

i got me some Packer swag!

oh look at me so hip i'm using slang!

while i couldn't find any in my size for my honey Bret Favre i did find a Donald Driver jersey. I also got an awesome hat with big green G and a few other Ts. I am SO packered out right now!!

Plus I scored GUITAR HERO jamma bottoms!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I also got BOGO'd again at Payless. This makes 2x BOGO has saved my life!! I got 2 pairs of healed "dressy" open toed shoes for the price of UNO! ONE! And just like before it was the SAME freakin SHOE in black and brown, SCORE! because i LOVE'd it so much!!! OMIGOD. I love a good buy!!!

I tried to find another pair of the pants I bought that I <3 beyond <3ing pants but since I buy clearance and clearance mostly guess what, 2 other stores now and can't find the stupid pants in my size anymore!! grrrrrrr

so dude what does all this mean? it means I got over $150 dollars worth of swag for under $50.


I know it.

I rule.