Saturday, June 13, 2009

the one in which Drake saves Lo-Jack

before i get into my story I want to appologize for the lack of commenting on your blogs... while i do read them through google reader, i've been doing it on my new blackberry and i havn't gotten quite the hang of it yet... i do promise tho I will make sure to start "staring" (if i learn how) and go later onto my desktop or laptop to comment... but know i love you all!!

Last night Chekov came over for the weekend and we were hanging out playing rockband and guitar hero while making jello "shots" and mixed drinks for today... and drinking some too!!

Well, we let the hamsters out in thier balls. Lo-Jack has a brocken dome where he hides and to take the top off is the only way to get him out... and he's pretty good at not getting out unless he take him out. He HATES to get out...

This morning we get up to start getting ready for the party and guess who got out of thier broken dome... Lo-Jack... he pushed it open like we do when we get him out!

We searched high, we looked low and couldn't find him!! so we broke out some celery and placed it in the living room infront of the tv... Joe told Drake "find lo-jack, drake... go find him!!"

a few hours later I come out of the bedroom and sure enough there is drake staring down the front of the tv... Lo-Jack was hiding UNDER the tv... We have a huge big widescreen monster of a tv and there is a spot in the back where sure enough, even though we moved the tv out from the wall we never noticed there is a spot under the tv. a little cave type thing and that's where he was!!

From what we can tell is that he fell or jumped out of the broken dome after pushing the lid up and then went to the cat food and got some of it and some of his and Nilla's food that falls out from thier cages that's between the cages and the wall and stashed it and hid under the tv. when we put out the celery he came out for a nibble, drake went after him and since drake isn't small enough to get in the cave under the tv he sat there until one of us (ME) noticed what was going on.

So Drake saved the day and helped us find Lo-Jack. Yay for Drake Drake being smart kittie!!!