Sunday, June 28, 2009

my life without tv

friday night the tv went out on us. and so all of friday night was spent trying to do things that would keep me entertained: aka I caught up on my blog reading. and i napped alot b/c of the epidural.

saturday morning i woke up sleepy and didn't want to get out and about but did anyways, we went grocery shopping! yay. and i was feeling zero pain in my back and in my leg... well, pain level was between 0 and 3 depending. getting up/down out of the car caused a twinge or two...

i slept most of the day on the couch until it was time for our oil change in the blazer. then we walked around the strip mall and 90% of the businesses had went out of business. it was very sad to see it. the parking lot was desolate and empty. the only places surviving were radio shack, indoor mini golf, a hair boutique, blockbuster, baskin robbins, dominiques and subway. between each of these were 4 empty facefronts. very sad indeed. even the cash advance place had gone out of business!!

we got some icecream (very end of the mall) and walked back to the blazer being done. the rest of the day was spent pacing around not able to think or see clearly i was sooo bored... i took another nap (lol) and when i woke up i decided to make a mini blankie for Kai out of scrap yarn i have lying around. then we ate dinner and i continued on the crocheting. somewhere in there we moved the radio out of the spare bedroom and put it into the living room so we've been listening to the radio constantly.

and today is the same thing. laundry, listening to the radio and crocheting. its only 11:23 am and I can't believe this!! i've been awake for hours (8am) and i'm gonna go take a nap most likely... i am sooo sleepy.

we can't schedule an appointment for service until monday because they are not open on the weekends for service and if i want it free or a free replacement tv i have to go where i'm buying it...

oh! and if you've made it this far down we are going to the taste of chicago on the 3rd, we plan on leaving early in the morning and getting there before it opens up. so if any chicago bloggers are going that day too lets meet up for a few :)