Tuesday, May 12, 2009

i am so excited!!

Coolio texted me and said he was in Chicago on a lay over. Sadly, I live too far from the airport to go see him. *sniffles* HOWEVER, he will be picking me up at Daddy's house Sunday morning and we're going to go have breakfast and chill together while Daddy & MomI are at church. I can NOT wait!!! I AM SO EXCITED TO SEE MY BESTFRIEND EVER!!!! It absolutely sucks that the Airforce has him in Alaska and I'm in ChicagoLand! We should both be in Arkansas so our families can do awesome things together all the time.

I am also excited about tonight's American Idol!! I am so torn between Kris and Adam!! OH, I have waited all season for Kris to sing Apologize and his rendition of Heartless was amazing!! And I have waited all season for Adam to do a Stephen Tyler (aka Aerosmith) song. But I don't think I would have chosen Cryin' for him... Tomorrow is going to be insane on that show!!!

And I got my laptop running again... for now. I have a bad habit of running back n forth to the computer room during comercials so we reformatted the hard drive and so far it seems to be working fine... We'll see :-)

I wont be taking it with me when I go to Arkansas this weekend. I am leaving Friday night when I get off work and coming back Sunday evening. I am going to miss my man SO MUCH but I am absolutely stoked to see Raquel graduate from College!!!!

Tomorrow afternoon I go to get my results from the NewDoc. Wish me luck!!!