Tuesday, May 12, 2009

lets celebrate with Celebrex!

No, I am not being a smarty pants...

Saw da new doc today and he wants me on an NSAID for now and chose Celebrex. I can do that coupled with less narcotics. Tomorrow I schedule another appointment for a spinal epidural. He doesn't know why she did the last type of injection stuff but we will stick with the epidural for now with steriods and cortizone.

He feels that a partial removal of the disc would be prolonging the inevitable if i can not still get relief from these injections. Or if the pain just keeps recurring over and over and over again. I may just have to have a spinal fusion.

Tomorrow I am going to make sure all of my Longterm and Shortterm Disabilities are up to speed and I told him today that dependant on my progress when Pic gets back from Maternity Leave (who had her baby yesterday!! *squeelz*) then we would most likely go forth in the winter and do the spinal fusion.

It is not something I am looking forward to but as a relatively young woman who doese not want to take medications all the time and who would like to eventually have a baby/that means get preggers and you can't be on all this crap while preggers.... Basically it is a viable option but we're going to wait and see.

He said nothing about pressure factures and I got to take home my MRI and Xrays. You can really see that big black mass that is invading the space of the spinal nerves and causing all this pain. I am losing sensation on my skin as well and he said that is from the spinal nerves being pressed upon too much... I think I got that right...

We will see!!! He wants to compare my Xrays & MRIs from Nov 05 to Last year to This year so while I am in Arkansas I'll be picking those up from the hospital.

Time to made din din! I am making STUFFED SHELLS... YUMMY!!