Friday, May 01, 2009

Da new Doc

is super cool and listened to what i had to say. seriously listened. and took xrays immediatly.

i didn't tell him what the old doc said about the pressure fracture possibilities and the vertebrae pressing and fracturing against each other. i wanted an unbiased opinion of what he thought.

he thinks i shouldn't do anymore injections or procedures due to the increased pain and the fact i'm still bruised and tender! he said obviously it isn't working. or atleast the type of procedure is not working. and that i should have a follow up before any injections not to go from injection to injection with no follow up care.

his goal is to have me living pain free and med free. i said that is my goal as well.

i have another appointment the 13th of May, between now and then I am to get another MRI. he said he can get a better view in an MRI. I bet he can!

He also said he doesn't believe it to be completely dessicated yet. YET. sigh. And that it is definatly bulging and herniated and from the look on the xray torn but can't say for certain.

so that's it. had alots of dizrama at work today but seriously not going to talk about that shit right, it'd just piss me off again.