Thursday, April 30, 2009

Dear Bloggy Land

Today was a sad day for my office because Pic is leaving us for 3 months to have her baby. While we are so excited, we will miss her terribly. I can not wait to see pictures of that adorable baby boy!! As cute as she and her hubby are the kid's gonna leave the girls hearts broken!

And while we are talking about work I should mention that I stayed up way too late last night to make Banana and Strawberry cupcakes for Pics going away party. I also had to wake up too early and be at work an hour and half early for inventory. And if the truth be known I also did inventory yesterday for another part of the resort.

Now, while I am bitching and complaining I would like to clarify that I was on my feet roughly 2 hours this morning standing in freezing coolers and freezers that were built on non cushony concrete and steel. Yes, someone who has back issues stood for hours today in extreme temperatures to do food and beverage inventory after standing on her feet the day before for over an hour doing retail inventory... But I grinned, I beared it and I took lots of drugs (that make me constipated, damn you vicoden!!).

All of this is fine and dandy. I guess I shouldn't expect anyone to exclude me from these activities NOW because I have never been excluded BEFORE unless I was off work. The last time and only time I have ever requested to be not apart of inventory I was sent home by Homer. Homer who hates me. Homer who I now have to deal with 100% of the time instead of 50% of the time because of Pic being gone. DOH!

Now please keep in mind that my pain has been progressing ever so much a little more each day despite pain killers for over a year now. This is about the time I started to get pills again from the Regular Doc for back pain and then she insisted after seeing my MRI that I see the specialist and that caused a bunch of havoc in my life.

Yes I admit that it can seem kind of fishy or funny to some that "ooh, she has pain" after being relatively pain free for..... um. wait, I havn't been. It was that it wasn't so bad that I felt the need to complain. I mean they said I would always have pain but then I woke up one day and I could barely walk and then it just went on and on and on until I gave in and called a doc.

Why did this happen after again for so long? Who knows, why did the damn thing have to happen to begin with?

If you can answer the above questions then you might know the answer to this question i've been trying to get to: The person who has severe back pain is in pain and there is a meeting that you can attend or she can attend. Do you make her attend or do you attend and let her rest? Keep in mind this meeting is about a 5 minute walk to the other building on the resort up and down stairs.

You guessed it folks, I went to the meeting. Homer sat on her but after doing an inventory section that takes 30 minutes and she sits while she does the inventory because they have chairs in the bar.

Am I bitter? no, not me! Should this be a private post instead of a public post? Most likely.

Do I give a ratty shitty ass right now? No fucking sir I don't because I am in pain.

Please do not feel sorry for me. For I will be well one way or another. I just need to vent a minute about how selfish some assholes are.

I was reading up on spinal fusion today for the L4, L5 and S1... 3-6 months sometimes 9-12 months recovery depending on how severe the pressure fractures (if any) are in the vertebrae. WTF... I know it will most likely become an option. I do not know if I want any more of those spinal epidural jobs. The epidurals are temporary anyways and you just have to get more and more and more still. So do I want to be poked all the time or do I want to just get it over with and deal with a really long recovery?

Guess I'll find out what the new doc wants to do tomorrow. He's a young doc so that means they have fresh ideas, right?... right??? please tell me I'm not making a mistake by giving up the old doc for a new young fresh doc...

Ok, I'll end my rant now. I am sorry you had to hear that... I would say "draft it" but I am going to post it........