Tuesday, April 21, 2009

wtf did i get myself into?

I was supose to go to work this morning. But I was literally up all night with muscle spasms (started to have those when I first injured my back and didn't have them since the 1st set of back stuff last october...) so in an exhausted uncontrolable sobbing fit i called the emergency line for my doc. the nurse then calls the doc and puts the doc on the phone!! the doc asks 'does heat help'? and i sob yes but i can't live on a heating pad! and she says 'go to bed, lay on the heat, call me tomorrow...stay on the heat' and when i tried to explain that when i wear clothes i feel a pulling like a slinter where the punctures are she says 'your procedure was a week ago, call me tomorrow'.

i woke up this morning with my back muscles again contracting in ways they should not and felt again the splintering feeling of anything touching the sites... i made the phone call to work, i'm not coming in... i made the phone call to the doc... who has yet to call me back. i can't bend over without it feeling like fibers are riping in my back along with the freakin shooting fire and ice pain pinching crap shooting down my leg! and i thought that too much heat is bad for you?? you can't live on a heating pad can you??

is it too late for a 2nd opinion or am i just screwed??

and let this be a lesson to all you people out there: don't assume that because 1 company offered complimentary long term and shor term disability that all companies do.. no, make sure you have short term & long term disability... now i have to wait for enrollment again. and this just sucks.

don't get me wrong, the doc would probably laugh at me! but honestly, can you see me sitting there all drug induced more than before with back spasms?? so ask again: what did i get myself into?? wtf did i do?? this shit is supose to be routine. it doesn't feel that way to me.