Friday, April 17, 2009

what can you do in 2 years?

Lose 100 lbs. (actually 1 1/2 years because i need to purchase the dress 6 mo before the wedding)

Eliminate back pain (crossing my fingers) so I can lose the 100 lbs.

Eliminate female medications and stay cancer free for-ev-ah! (my next appoint is on my bday 6-16, it always ends up on my birthday... how strange...) to help me lose 100 lbs.

Find someone who can do photography as well as Larkin so she can do my hair while someone else takes "before ceremony" pics of my future groom and his men. That's all they're needed for: pics of the men while they are getting ready and pics of them at the site before I show up for my solo shots. Then its all Larkin! Maybe they can do video while she takes pics, now that's an idea....

plan the perfect wedding for me and my soon to be hubby. he is so perfect! he laid in bed with me to helped me rest easier yesterday when he brought me home. didn't fuss argue or nothing just laid down next to me because he knew that's what i needed.

i wouldn't be able to deal with everything that i have in the past 2 years without him. From having the tumors removed in june 07 when we were "just friends" to enduring my bitchiness and mood swings from pain meds, hormone meds, etc. and my need for selfindulgence when i don't feel good. and for enduring the pain in my back when it decided to rear its ugly head.

I could not nor would I ask for anyone else in my life. I have found my prince, my knight, my hero.