Saturday, April 18, 2009

i don't feel normal

i told myself this morning that i wasn't going to take any pain meds today unless i was in so much absolute pain that it was unavoidable.

slowly, i've been "coming down" from 3 weeks solid of pain med induced euphoria. while the pain is prelavant and i am thinking of taking one of the pain meds, i can't help but notice how unreal everything feels.

i feel like i'm living in a world that i do not know. strange huh?

today while sitting here at my computer staring at the screen wanting to do something productive i created a subaccount that can not be traced to any online personae of mine. somehow all email addresses i have created have been linked in some form or another to my blog, myspace, etc. i have also opened new Monster & Careerbuilder accounts... I can not remember my old logins and wonder if Monster and CB auto deletes after a certain period of time...

I asked Joe to help me to do laundry and he did it. Well, is doing it. I'm in a bit of pain... I have bruises on my lower back from the punctures. Its not comfortable. not at all.

You want to know what's really strange? I feel "stoned" and I have not taken any pills today. wtf.