Sunday, April 19, 2009

can i go back to work now?

i can't believe i just said that...

i updated my wedding file today. added a tab with the dresses i've tried on (that i have pics of, silly us leaving the cam at home-but really nice of that lady we met at the dress shop to offer to take pics of me in 2 of them) we also have some really good ideas on songs! and got the ceremony all mapped out and i think we're good to go on the vows.

MomI said that we will go dress looking after Raquel's graduation stuff. Which is awesome! And maybe sunday we can browse flowers and other things because she doesn't think there is any bridal stores open on Sundays. I got 2 years so I'm in no rush but I am really excited!

She has a friend that might be able to make our cakes. I have tried to contact a few people but I am getting *NO* responses after the initial "yes, please send details of what you would like, etc" and I responded in kind with pictures and details, etc. I basically told one chic she HAS our business and she STILL has not responded. That's kind of rude, don't you think??

I wish I lived closer to my parents right now. I want to sit at Mom and Dad's house and plan my wedding! lol