Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Vacation Pictures!

Click to go to the Photobucket album to view the pictues...

(sadly they didn't upload in order so if it all seems random and out of place, you are correct)

Day 1 Drive to Arkansas... St Louis Arch... Lots of Trees & Sky... Pics of the babies & lots of Taranis.

Day 2 -none viewable (all family)

Day 3 The Drive to Florida from Arkansas. We went through TN, Mississippi then Alabama. Trees, Skies & Taranis.

Day 4 1st visit to Busch Gardens in Orlando. Taranis & His Mom hand feeding the birds and pictures of when we were on the coasters (not sure if she got any with us on it-you can't really tell)

Day 5 2nd visit to Busch Gardens. Lots of animals in the Zoo portion of the park. And the beach on the way to the Miami area.

Day 6 Miami Metro Zoo

Day 7 Everglades National Park... The Drive to the Keys & back again... The Start of the Journey back to Arkansas (we stopped in Orlando again)

Day 8 From Orlando to Mississippii finally stopping in Louisiana for the night.

Day 9 Monroe Louisiana to NW corner of Arkansas back to the western central city of my birth.

Day 10 Hometown to Slumtown... not really slumtown but I was sad to be leaving Arkansas & Florida behind... its leaving me slightly jaded... You'll see alot of pictures of some trees that were literally broken from the weight of the ice storm they had a few weeks ago. It was nasty. Worst since I was a kid. We went a different route coming back than we did going down...

Please remember that family members were removed for thier own privacy. Make sure you ignore all photos of me and my bloated over medicated ass... And I hope you enjoy the pictures of all the animals... especially the alligators :-)

let me know if you have any issues with links or viewing the pics...