Monday, March 16, 2009

Home, we are "home"

I am in the process of downloading over 1,000 pictures. Yes, I took that many pictures.

I have a photobucket account and i'm going to upload a few photos to it and do descriptions, etc. I'll post up the link when I'm done.

PreVaca: Thursday Evening after work.
We got the rental car and went to the Pyramid club for a few drinks with Taranis' coworkers. Came home and packed the car, got the animals ready for travel.

Day 1: Friday
We woke up at 5am and headed towards Arkansas. Nothing much really happened just alot of traveling on the highway. About 3pm we arrived at Hephaestus' house in the NW corner of Arkansas and dropped off my babies. I then proceeded to bawl like a baby myself. And Taranis took me to have ice cream at Sonic and then we were off to my Dad's house in the Western Central part of Arkansas.

Day 2: Saturday
Taranis and Daddy went fishing and I went to visit my grandparents. Taranis asked daddy for my hand in marriage and Daddy said "we can go down to the courthouse right now and get your license and I'll marry ya tonight". (make sure you read that in a thick southern drawl). We ate dinner, laughed and joked around the rest of the night and my sisters stopped in later.

Day 3: Sunday
Was spent driving to Florida and talking about our upcoming wedding.

Day 4: Monday
We woke up early and went to Busch Gardens. We road lots of rides and walked around alot. Afterwards we went out to eat Chinese and Sushi which was horrible (it was the restauarant) and I was getting a migraine. We went back to the hotel and I doped myself up and went to bed.

Day 5: Tuesday
We decided to go back to BG instead of SeaWorld to take a 2nd look at the animals and take pictures while his mom headed back to South Florida early because her doggy wasn't doing too well with Taranis' grandma. (The doggy is over 10 years old) We met his mom at her place and went out for dinner at a very good Seafood Restraurant. While our waitress was a stupid ho and my impatience for her showed through (I ended up speaking to the manager and getting us a new waitress) we still had a wonderful time and dinner was marvelous!

Day 6: Wednesday
Taranis, FMIL & I went to the Miami Metro Zoo. We spent the rest of the day just hanging out.

Day 7: Thursday
We woke up early and went to the Everglades National Park. Saw lots of alligators. After that we went to the Keys and visisted Taranis' grandma. Then we went back to FMIL's house, had dinner and headed back to Orlando.

Day 8: Friday
Woke up early and drove to Louisiana

Day 9: Saturday
Drove to NW corner of Arkansas and picked up my babies and then back to my Daddies.

Day 10: Sunday
went to church with Daddy & MomI and then drove back to Chicagoland.

We arrived about 2am this morning.

All in all I would say we had a very fun time. We didn't go to Seaworld but that's ok. We have alot of great ideas for the wedding. I've already picked out my floral arraingements and flowers because my mom is going to make them herself.

Keep checking back for the link to the photobucket albums!!