Monday, March 23, 2009

I Might Be The Crazy One In My Family But Atleast I'm Lovable

Joe woke up in the middle of the night lastnight to me crawling back into bed. I had turned on the bathroom light. He asked "You going to leave the light on all night?" and my sleep-talking response was "I don't like the dark..." keep in mind I have no recollection of that happening.

And yes, I don't like the dark... it scares me what HIDES in the dark...

While cleaning the house today I had the doors and windows open flushing out the stale closed up house air and bringing in the clean spring breezes. BUT while I'm doing this I keep thinking to myself "Where is my cellphone?" not because I'm afraid of burglars, but because I'm afraid of a Zombie Attack.

Yes, I said Zombie Attack.

Which leads me to a conversation that Joe and I have atleast once a week:

Me: We need to build a bomb-type shelter under the house.
Joe: Why?
Me: For when the Zombies attack.
Joe: Zombies are not going to attack.
Me: Yes they are and they'll eat Nilla & Lo-Jack because we didn't have them safe in a bomb shelter underground that's sealed tight.
Joe: They won't eat Drake?
Me: Drake will run under the bed and hide because there is no bomb shelter for him to run to.
..........long silence............
Me getting teary-eyed: can we please please have a bomb shelter zombie hideout type place? I'm scared.
Joe: you'll be ok, go to sleep.
Me: I can't sleep.
Joe: stop watching scary movies.
Me: I didn't today.
Joe: babe, please just go to sleep. There are no zombies.
Me: YET! There are no zombies YET!....what if there are zombies tonight???
Joe: go to sleep, there will be no zombies, we don't need a bomb shelter.
Me: if I can't have a bomb shelter I want an escape plan.
Joe: Jenny.
Me: ok, ok... but I'm still scared... hold me??

And so, because my man won't let me have a shelter against the zombies I watch zombies movies to keep track of what the people do wrong and what they do right in hopes that I remember it when I am running from the zombies myself.

I didn't worry about it so much when we lived on the top floor of the building. I figured we could baracade ourselves in and be ok... but now we live on the bottom floor... with lots of windows...

So now I find myself thinking of things I should keep by the garage door. I even find myself debating on whether or not I should put Nilla & Lo-Jack in the utility room so I can just grab thier cages and run. And I wonder if pulling in is the right thing to do. If you have to back out and then put into drive that gives the zombies time to surround your vehicle. And its easier to load it if the trunk/back of the truck is closer to the garage door.

Yeap, I am the crazy one in my family but I am still lovable.

and I still think I need a bomb shelter underground cave thing to keep me safe from the zombies...