Monday, March 23, 2009

did i do that??

yes, i did...

i started off with the bathroom and scrubbed it from top to bottom to inbetween.

then i tackled the bedroom and dusted everything and washed the windows.

next came the spareroom/office. it is now a neat place for bill paying and hanging out.

all the while i've been piling loads upon loads of clothes in the wash/dryer.

the living room was no match for my cleaning karate. *flex*

but i think the kitchen and utility/laundry rooms kicked my ass. WHY must mopping be so back breaking?? ba hum bug.

and so what do i have left to do today? the dishes after my floor dries, hangout/put away the clean laundry before Drake finds it and burries himself in it and cook dinner when my man gets home.

all in all i feel very satisfied.

and i pose this question to you ladies... am I the only one who feels like they got more of a workout after cleaning house than actually working out??