Thursday, March 26, 2009

good-byes and hellos

the past few days i've been having major computer issues with my laptop.

as some of ya'll might remember that i had a desktop when i moved to chicago. this desktop crashed and burned. so i bought crystal's laptop off her and she bought another one. then a few months after me and taranis got together i woke up in a fright and knocked my laptop over and busted it... once the battery ran out there was no going back. so we held onto the laptop in hopes that we would be able to salvage my stuff off later (which we did a year later! lol) so my lovely man went and bought himself a new laptop and handed me over his old laptop.

well, that laptop has worked for me pretty well for the past 2 years but it was already 3 years old. and 5 years is alot of information updates and upgrades and this and that and the other... she finally cracked under the pressure lastnight and bluescreened me constantly all night.

somewhere. somehow. we ended up having enough projected money after bills (none this week all paid up, omigod) and rent ( was paid last week... ) so somehow with spending tons of money on vaca and thinking I was going to have a $100 check tomorrow I ended up with 5x that amount and no bills....

my first thought was "raquel's graduation in May! i'm buying my plane ticket this weekend..." my 2nd thought was "OH! blackberry CURVE here I come!!" and then I thought "ooooooooh FORD FUSION HYBRID" (with tradein on the blazer i could do it...) and then... nothing. she died. and died. and I tried resusitation but it didn't work. nothing would work.

so we went and bought me a new computer today. its a desktop and nowhere near the top of the line. but its brandnew and its gorgeous and it works and i don't have to wait 5 minutes for a new tab to open in explorer.

what's really sick is we bought a 30 or 40 something inch tv for the bedroom when we bought our bedroom set and that is what i'm using in the spareroom as my monitor because as it turns out, the 2 monitors we've been hoarding do not work. bastards. thier going in the trash.

so i have this huge freakin widescreen tv as my monitor. i am in heaven. the only problem is now the computer is in the spareroom. i can not read blogs and watch tv at the same time.... yes, i want my cake and eat it too.

i'll take pictures tomorrow but right now i need to put away dinner and go to bed.