Tuesday, February 17, 2009

rest in peace...

left is Spike deVampyre
center is Mysterious Devyne
right is Maige Intuition

because i couldn't find a matching urn for Myst i bought 3 of a set for her and the other 2 boys. i kept the originals and have them packed away. plus they were clear glass and did freak a few people out... Each one has thier own Tarot deck that you see infront of thier urn. Drake has his own Tarot deck as well and I made his bag, its a Camo color bag. I also made Drake's bag, Crystal made Mysts' bag and Pebbles made Maige's bag.

i couldn't stand the thought of burying them and never being near thier grave again to visit so i cremated them when they passed and i keep them with me. I have a "memorial" set up for them in a curio cabinet.

i've taken part of Mysts' ashes and created a "keep sake" thing for my ex Hephaestus. I'm going to give him when we go down to drop off Drake in 2 weeks. I'm sentimental like that. i hope he appreciates it. I took a tarot card from her deck that I thought reflects Myst and put it with her ashes. Her ashes are wrapped up and sealed inside a pink packet and there is a silvery green silkish bag that I put that into along with the tarot card and black rose petals i used in her memorial. there is already a card missing, when she passed away I was using the deck and noticed that my soul/personality card was missing. I like to think she took it with her to stay close to me.

well, that's my creepiness for the day. i finally found an urn set that matches. now the trick is to be able to find one that matches when i need one for Drake. which hopefully won't be for another 50 years.....

i don't know what i'll do with Nilla and Lo-Jack. I don't even want to THINK of it. I love my babies so much even if they are animals/critters and not human.


  1. Yeah, I'm not so sure I could do that=)

  2. I have the dear old dog's ashes in an urn that looks sortof like a shorter plainer brass version on Genie's bottle (from the old TV show) or a decanter.


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