Thursday, February 19, 2009


Idea taken from Auburn Kat

LOVE: fresh fallen snow in the beginning of the season that's untouched by man or beast
HATE: the fact that it makes the roads nasty and its going to snow a bazillion more times before the season is over

LOVE: free lunches at work
HATE: thier fatty and tasteless or too much taste (as in taste hot, lay off the jalepenos!) or too dry or undercooked or overcooked

LOVE: having a man in my life
HATE: having to consider someone else when I want to make plans...

LOVE: traveling and seeing new places/experiencing new things
HATE: that it cost MONEY

LOVE: that I have a job/income
HATE: waking up early and a few of my superiors

LOVE: talking on the phone
HATE: talking to someone who is annoying

LOVE: getting emails and text messages
HATE: spam and "forward to your friends or else" chain letters

LOVE: my kittie and hammies
HATE: cleaning out the litter box and cages

LOVE: that i can still be friends with my ex and his wife
HATE: that Taranis' ex wants to be in HIS life (no consideration for me at all on that, she wants him back...)

LOVE: My Blog!
HATE: LURKERS! leave a comment LURKERS!!!

what do you LOVE/HATE??