Sunday, February 22, 2009

just when i thought i was invincible

you came and happened to me...

you were supose to leave ME alone. you were not supose to get ME sick. but no, here I am achy, can't breathe, can't even think! my eyes feel like they're bulging out of my head. My head itself feels like the San Andreas fault.

I'm drawing the line at coughing. YOU will NOT make me COUGH. I have self medicated myself and you will NOT succeed in making me cough OR in giving me a fever. Yes, Tylenol has become my every 4 hour pill.

I can feel you working on my ears. Thier ringing and stuffed up as well as sore. I feel like I'm hearing through ear muffs. Yes, you are making my throat sore but I have HALLS cough dropps and other nice liquid medications that sooth my itchy and sore throat.

And I guess you thought you had me at the nose bleed. That i'd throw in the towel and let you take over. But nope. I shoved a Puffs tissue with Lotion plus Vicks up my nose and continued on about my business. Infact, you did me a favor, the Vicks saturated tissue helped my other nostril open up so I could breathe a little easier for the moment.

I refuse to give in to you Mr. Sickness.