Monday, February 23, 2009

what's your favorite salad?

Seeing as how we're cutting back on our spending (gotta save for that wedding and moving to Florida in a few years) we decided to go healthy while we did it. Do you realize how expensive Healthy Foods ARE!? It's cheaper to be unhealthy and fat than it is to be healthy and "right". (I refuse to say skinny cuz I'll never be 'skinny' again)

So we've been buying soups and splitting them (you know I could eat a whole can by myself and could he) and buying salad. We're eating the barest of minimums trying (let me emphazise TRYING) to eat only 1 serving of any one thing. So when we had Ramen it was 1/2 a package each... That is NOT filling. So we threw in grilled cheese... After that was done we SHOULD have just ate a whole package of Ramen each, it would have been 'healthier' in the end.

We've also been trying to eat alot of Salads. Not all salads are healthy for you. I would like to think that my Salads are a 'perfect sin' meaning thier healthy for you with a slight addition of bad to make it taste good. I could eat Salad once a day for either Dinner or Lunch... Sometimes I could eat it 2x a day. But you don't want to get tired of it. I think Taranis is tired of Salad.

My perfect salad consists of: Tons of Lettuce, Broccoli, Cauliflower, Baby Carrots, Mushrooms, Hard Boiled Egg, Monterey Jack Cheese (depending on my mood Mozzarella), Bacos, Ranch Dressing and a Meat (ham, turkey breast, chicken...). I have a huge bed of Lettuce throw in tons of broccoli, cauliflower and carrots then add "just enough" of the "bad" to give it more flavor. MUST always have Ranch dressing. I can't do other dressings, they make me ill and my food taste like poo.

At work I can't have my perfect salad. They have a red cabbage & lettuce mixture (like you buy at the store premixed) and other "fresh" veggies. I grab cuccumbers, sometimes mushrooms, some broccoli (they never have cauliflower) and put either Ranch or Cottage Cheese on top. Depending on what else they are serving I might have a taste of something else on the menu. 99% of the time I don't end up eating it because its nasty (not the sald, the "hot" food).

We've cut back alot on our intake of foods and what we choose to eat and not eat. It wasn't too long ago that I would come home and cook a huge meal with more than enough for Taranis to take leftovers to work. Now, He doesn't eat lunch unless someone buys lunch for the Dock (like a trucking company or something along those lines). The meals were GOOD but not "healthy"... Yes, I admit I cooked for taste rather than health.

I find myself going to the kitchen alot now hungry and eating cereal as a snack between Dinner and Bedtime. I am just never satisfied and never quite "full". Diet tips online say that drinking 2 large glasses of water before meal time will help keep you feeling full. And to drink 4 large glasses between meals as well to keep the full feeling. It just makes me feel bogged down and I can't stand it so I can't do it.

We've also cut out going out to eat alot. We use to say "fuck it" and order pizza or chinese if we didn't feel like having anything that was in the house. Chinese and Pizza are my vices. I can't seem to beable to turn down Chinese and Pizza.

While we're in Florida I'm sure that we'll be eating out alot. And even if we don't I know that we will not be eating like Rabbits while we're down there. I don't want 2 weeks away from home to ruin what we've started and plan on keeping up with as we move forward in our lives. I hope that I can find a happy medium between "vacation food and diet food"

Granted, Salads and healthy foods are not always very exciting. But I do feel more energy. And I do feel "healthier". I've lost 10 lbs now. I can't believe it. I still can't fit into my "i use to wear these??????!!!!!!!!" clothes that I was hoping I would fit into for vacation. But I do know I can do this by diet and minimal excersise. (Minimal until the back stops fucking with me-which may be never) And I do know that I will not be a fat lardo bride either. I will be "skinny" and I will be beatiful and I won't feel like a Cow (again) next to my much smaller younger Sisters. (Who never seem to gain an ounce no matter WHAT they fucking eat or do)