Monday, January 12, 2009

significant others' family...

Eventually one of these days I'm going to meet FMIL (Future Mother In Law). I remember that the 1st impressions given to the XMIL (Former Mother In Law) were not the best: H and I were sitting on the couch talking with her on her 2nd visit and 2nd time she met me. We were holding hands and she says "There is a cute nurse that just started at the hospital, H. I can get you her information and have her call you. It'd be good for you to go on a date with someone." Yes, She said that in front of ME! Sigh.

So I guess I can understand her digress. I mean did you read this post? We'd been dating for a year or so before we finally met. And i'm sure she'd had her fill of horror stories about me...

So, the point is! I'm kinda nervous. She sent me a birthday card last year and we hadn't even spoke yet! I was totally nervous when Joe left for DC to visit her while she was there last April. Everything turned out fine. She said she wished I was with them. That's sweet.

So in late September when I was mass E-Mailing our new address because we were moving I asked Joe if he'd like for me to include his Mom. And he said yes. This began the "lets communicate in pictures" deal so I spam her with lots of pictures that I take of Nilla, Lo-Jack, Joe and Drake. She would respond via phone call to Joe and have him thank me for the wonderful pictures, etc. So he was the mediator.

Last Monday I emailed his Mom because I was doing the normal picture emails and I vented a little about my work stuff. Joe said she's in a similair spot and would understand what I am going through. And I also added in there that I no longer work on Mondays for now.

So when Joe gets home and we're sitting down having dinner his phone rings. And its his mom. She says "Have Jenny call me. So I have her number and I want to just say Hi." I think to myself "Am I ready for this? What if she hates me? Oh gods I can't do this." But I did. And we talked for 5 minutes. A quick "Hello" it was ok. I didn't freak out. Altho I thought I was going to.

My phone rang today. We had a nice simple conversation for about 30/35 minutes. Mostly about doctors and supervisors and the fact that She would like for us to come visit --and live there. Oh to live in Florida! Don't know if I could live in Florida or not. I'd definatly have to take better care of myself. And I'm sure there would be more fun things to do. Like diving and swimming, etc.

My friend Coolio and I talked a little bit today too. He said he put in for Hawaii, Florida and Arkansas for his next transfer. That would be awesome if both of our families ended up in Florida together.

Oh well. Watch the videos of the hamsters in the prior entry. They are too funny! And lots and lots of pictures and some lyrics and a comptability test this past weekend too.

I can't wait to meet FMIL. But I'm scared she wont like me. And the bad thing about being the "girl after" is sometimes the significant others' family liked the Ex and can be hostile towards the "girl after the divorce". I've seen it. Maybe I'm just too paranoid for my own sanity.