Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Florida Here We Come??

talked to my dad yesterday, he always seems to know when i need him most. and when something is stumping me. and he knows i'm always for equal opportunity and being fair and that quality in me can cause quite alot of struggle between my 2 selves.

it was never my intention to stay in chicago. it was a transitionary move for me. i had to get away from my exhusband and his family and the memories i had(have) of his nephews (we helped to raise them for the 1st few years of thier lives...or i should say I feel like I raised them with XMIL). i was in some torrential pain and i needed a neutral place. thankfully i had (long story why we're not friends anymore) a friend who lived in the area and she said that i could move in with her. i planned on living in the area long enough to get myself back on track and figure out what i want to do with my life.

then i met joe. and i knew that no matter what i wanted to spend the rest of my life with him. just can't get enough he's like my favorite candy -i just gotta have it!!

i've always known this whole time that eventually i'd move back to arkansas but i didn't have a set time frame as to when or where. certainly not NW arkanas where the Ex lives nor in Johnson county where my dad and the rest of the Ex's family lives along with all the bad influences of my life. so i figured that eastern arkansas (near memphis) or maybe central or southern arkansas would be great...

but that's WAY in the future... i looks like we might be going to Florida. Not anytime soon. Its going to be a few years from now. but it appears that the next place we live is going to be Florida. it will be our next transitionary place to live. i can't wait to live on the beach and go swimming in the ocean whenever i want!! maybe i'll learn to surf!

Like I said, I talked to my dad and he said that it would seem to be the best move for us, move to another place i've never been and soak up the culture there like here. then when joe's mom retires and she does her traveling we can then move back to arkansas and finally settle down and build our home in Cabot.

Sounds like a good deal to me, what do ya'll think?