Wednesday, January 14, 2009

It's Time To Come Out And Say "HI!"

No longer can you hide in the shadows. No longer are you allowed to sit back and read my blog behind the comfort of your computer screen and not respond.

This is the week to come out and play !! If you have a blog leave the link, I'll come visit you as well. We can be bloggy friends :-)

So post a comment, tell me about yourself. I see the same people over and over again viewing my blog but you never say anything! And it kinda creeps me out.

There's a few of you in Alabama. Someone in Nashville, TN. A few people in Arkansas. Someone in New York. Hell, there's someone in CABOT Arkansas which is where I'm going to retire to in about 30-40 years. And someone that is coming from my LiveJournal blog and thier in Cali... And Texas...China!

Wow I'm popular with Googlereader. Wish you could see who has you subscribed to thier reader...

Come out Come out where ever you are! And see the Young Lady, who fell from a star!!
( sorry, i couldn't resist and I <3 The Wizard of Oz )