Thursday, December 18, 2008

where is the storm?

Pro: So the bigman sent out an email today and told everyone to stay home tomorrow because of the weather.
Con: That uses a day of my PTO that I finally just got, sigh.

Pro: The office is closed next week on Wed, Thurs & Fri. I'll have a week's vacation. Nice huh?
Con: Again, I didn't forsee the days off and don't have money to visit any family in other states.

Pro: We're caught up. I mean literally I billed today what happened yesterday.
Con: I no longer work on Monday until we get back into the busy season. And I start 30 minutes later a day the other 4 days a week.

Ok that's it. I was going to talk about something that happened at work yesterday and today. But I think I'll just keep it to myself for now. I'll most likely get it out of my system tomorrow in the "private" journal. Since I dont feel comfortable talking about it publicly yet.

Tomorrow I'll definatly be wrapping presents. I got Joe the final gifts I needed to get him. I also bought myself 2 new shirts to go with my "suit" for when I do the Pre-Con meetings (which are short for pre conference --thier meetings that the main contact comes in the day before and sits down with those who are running thier conference and the person who'll be doing thier billing, etc. they can be either really interesting or really boring) and I also got myself 2 new shirts for every day wear at work.

I can't wait til next week when we do presents! I'm gonna take pictures of us opening our stuff and post em!

OH! I am so STUFFED. He got a gift certificate for Outback Steakhouse... I got a sirloin, medium rare, love it when it's bloody! Thier garlic mashed tators are to die for. And the meat was so tender and juicy and perfect. And don't get me started on the Blooming Onion. I'm having that for breakfast! And I had a Smore Cosmo --I want those for New Years! Just give me a gallon jug full of it, rofl. Joe got a blueberry cosmo and it was really delicious too.

ok, my bloated ass is going to go play sneezy now...