Saturday, December 27, 2008

when life gives you lemons...

throw em back at the mother fucker that threw them at you. --make sure you aim for the head. and feel free to utilize baseball bats as well to really hit your feelings home and that you wont take it lying down.

i was just saying the other day "oh! paid off this doctor..." "paid off that doctor" "oh! couch is paid off now" "almost got this doc paid off, one more installment!" etc etc.

I was already going to budget in getting the brakes worked on for later in the month. preferably on a monday while i'm off work.

but nooooooooooo

one of the fucking lugnuts just had to break off today on the passenger tire. that makes #2. on top of the driverside tire always going flat.

since we already had 1 lugnut broke off this now makes 2 and so I have to get it in. And it only makes sense to do so while the brakes are being worked on so its cheaper, they already have to take the tires off. and since we're in there we should get the oil changed since we're a little late on that.

instead of me being able to get this done at my leisure in a few weeks I was given a lemon. and that lemon is to shell out $320 in tire repair, brake repair and lug nut replacements. and this has to be done either wednesday or friday. granted I get an extra check this month but it doesn't help! I have bills that are due NOW. The fucking timing is all off and wrong. I hate this shit when it happens.