Friday, December 26, 2008

the New Year is fast approaching

2008 has come and is almost gone. in roughly 7 months i'll be 29 years old. that makes me cringe.

i must say that i have experienced my fair share of things this year. i wont bombard you with "all the things i've learned in 2008" but let it be justified that it was alot.

instead, i'm going to tell you what happened to me on christmas night.

Joe and I were on sneezy playing and were not in necesarily one of the more friendly zones when all of a sudden --my computer just shut down. it wouldn't turn back on. thankfully he killed the mobs without my assistance and got me safely into our apartment in game.

finally got the damn thing turned back on. and sure enough, the damn battery fried itself. i have no battery power. i am permanantly stuck to the wall. no more taking the computer into the kitchen and reading blogs while cooking dinner. not for a while. or running around Amber Castle while cleaning the kitchen.

but that's ok. it'll be a-ok. just eventualy i'll need a new battery or a new computer.

right now Joe and I are trying to think of nice places that we might want ot move to in the event we decide to leave Chicago in a few years. His mom is lonely in florida and i'd like to move closer to one set of parents or the other. he's teasing me with saying we could move to alaska to be closer to coolio & his family, lol.

oh, and i think the battery did more than just fry itself. mmy keyboard isn't working as well as it should be. kinda does what it wants... so its not my fault if there are weird things going on with letters and sentences.

As much as I love my home state of Arkansas I do NOT want to move to anywhere near the NW part of the state or the county I grew up in. Visiting is ok for a few hours but living there causes too much risk of drama. --now central and eastern Arkansas might be doable. or even southern arkansas... that's an idea.

mucho love peeps, i'm outa here and leave you with pictures of forspecial ornaments joe got me this christmas. Bumble was the 1st one during turkey week,the siamese was a few weeks ago on a whim and the snow couple was at the christmas market downtown.

i hope you all had a wonderful holiday and got what you wanted for christmas. look for the "new years resolution" post coming soon.

ps --joe's momma got a new camera and she's sending me her old camera! and it takes MUCH better pictures!