Thursday, December 04, 2008

Presents anyone??

SO I got a whole List of Goodies that I'm going to get my man. We finally figured out our gift budget. May we say "thank you" to Joe's work for making that budget a bit bigger by giving him a Holiday Bonus?! WOOHOO!

ONLY --I found this REALLY GREAT DEAL on a REALLY expensive gift that he's been wanting (i'm such a tease) and I can only get it online *sigh* and have it shipped. And I don't trust our neighbors or some random stranger to not jack our shit so --I'm having it shipped to Joe's office. Pre-Wrapped and all... I know I can trust him NOT to open it. them. it. them.... muhahahahahaha

Also, we finally figured out what we're doing for New Years. We were either going to A --Order a loaded cheese Pizza and some Chinese food, rent a few movies and play some board games or B --go to the movies before/after pigging out on Chinese food and deal with the crowds and drunken folks on the road....

We chose option A

This weekend we don't have much planned. We're going to do all our grocery shopping tomorrow after work we'd normally do on Saturday afternoon so we can stay at home all day and watch the Harry Potter Marathon on TV.

Next weekend is Joe's holiday party ..... I'm kinda nervous. It's a "casual" affair so thankfully it's not like the one at my work where it's nearly black-tie.

OK! I'm offa here-gonna chat with Joe about what we want to get the brats (if anything besides stockings and small things we got when we got the stockings) for christmas.

It's so funny. We know the animals know nothing about what's going on. Drake, Nilla and Lo-Jack can't help open the presents --but it sure as hell will be fun opening for them and giving them thier stuff!!!