Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Make Me Pretty!!

OK, So Joe and I tried to take some pictures today of ourselves (again) and let me tell you --it was NOT easy...

And they didn't turn out too well; These are the best 2 out of 30:

We tried putting the camera on a table... We've tried it all.. with no luck.

We're going to try and get pictures made at a Portrait Studio within the next few weeks, and I can do my own makeup--but I'm really horrible at doing hair. So I'm putting out a call to all my bloggy friends: Will you help me??? My knowledge of "fixing hair" is washing it and combing it and that's it. I have a hairdryer and some gel and hairspray but I don't have a curling iron. I'd really like some curl for the picture.

I asked one of my ole spa pals if she'd help me with no response.

I seriously hate taking pictures of myself and need some major help/confidence boost. And a hairstyle that will help keep my face slim looking and not like a fat marshmallow head dough boy like the rest of pics.