Sunday, December 21, 2008

more things from our night downtown...

Things People Do In Chicago That Make Our Head Itch...

--Walk around in stilettos in snow.

--Walk around in stilettos period, those are for the bedroom IMHO.

--Having thier children under 1 years of age out wandering around in the snow.

--Walking with thier child down the street (the child was about 5) behind them and not paying attention to said child while jabbering on thier cell phone... I wanted to slap that bitch... while the child is saying "Mommmy! Mommy!" while tugging on said Mommy's jacket".

--Walking around in a mini skirt during a snow storm.

--Selling summer clothes in the "dead of winter".

--Driving like idiots in a snow storm.

--People sleeping in a dumpster.

--Children who throw all the toilette paper down the porta potty and the mom laughing instead of scolding.

Things People Do In Chicago That Make Our Heart Leap For Joy...

--Musicians on the street using nothing but buckets...they were surprisingly very rhythmic and entertaining.

--The Market, altho it was very crowded we had alot of fun, the chocolate covered fruit was a declious, the hot chocolate amazingly to die for and the brats were out of this world.

--Wendy's having a public restroom and using the mens because thier was too long of a line to get to the womens.

--Finding the perfect ornament with 2 snow people embracing on it and buying it.

--Seeing the Macy Windows for the 1st time in my life and seeing the Fraggle Rocks in one of them. It definatly took me back to my childhood.

--Finding the perfect parking spot in the Garage under the city.