Monday, December 22, 2008

i HeArT surprises!

we get home from work and since i have to cook for the christmas party tomorrow i asked joe if it was ok if we order chinese food! YUMMY! i love CHINESE foods!!

call em up, place my order and wait. door bell rings about 20 minutes later and tada! CHINESE food! we're getting our plates and getting settled in when the door bell rings again.

chinese man come back? no.

sitting in the snow is a box marked "amazon"

Joe says "what did you order from amazon? I say "I didn't" and rip into the box.

My BESTIE in the whole world, my bestest friend for 12 years now, Coolio, sent a christmas gift! My dear friend who moves too much with the Airforce, my bestie that I miss so much sometimes I feel like my heart is going to shatter to peices because we use to be practically inseperable and it's torment not talking to him regularly and hanging out.

what did he get me you ask...

he got me this:

It's a double CD/DVD collection and oh i *LOVE* *HEART* ooooh! preeety muuusic!

i love my friends!