Saturday, December 20, 2008

cold, but worth it!

So after staying up most of the night reading my new book Duma Key by Stephen King (thanks to my awesome Boyfriend for the awesome early christmas gift!)--read further down on the right side panel for more information on the book...

we decided to go to the Christkindlmarket in Chicago today.

OMIGOD! We dressed as warmly as possible but my face was frozen and I now know that I need to wear my scarf so matter how awkward it may seem. The Market was so much fun! and the food was absolutely delicious!! We bought a new ornament, hand blown and painted glass. It fits so perfectly on the tree!

Had to go to the damn bathroom. The portapotties had ran outa toilete paper. Thankfuly we found a Wendy's and I used the bathroom in there and we went back for more fun. We left to get to the market around 4pm and got home about 9pm.

But, here are some pictures! Enjoy! Next year we know to take more money! We'd never been there before and now we know they have awesome things we'd want to buy! muahahahahaha!!!

ps, anyone have any suggestions on good but reasonably priced food that's "authentic chicago" around Michigan Avenue and Millenium/Grant Park? We walked and walked trying to find a place and ended back up at the Market to eat there --thankfully it had cleared out a little and we were able to get a bite to eat. It was PACKED full elbow to elbow when we first arrived.