Tuesday, December 23, 2008

that was interesting

we had our "interoffice holiday party" today. we were all requested to bring something. and we had the secret santa. now, to ensure a gay ole time we were supose to write our names on a peice of paper with a list of suggestions as to what we would like from our secret santa. GIFT CARDS WERE DISCOURAGED. 90% of the gifts were giftcards. --seriously! Atleast my Secret Santa got me an actual gift. And I got my person an actual gift. It was a huge dissapointment.

i made stuffed shells and sour cream & chive biscuits (both of which are the bomb mind you) and *everyone* said how much they *LOVE* stuffed shells...

not even 1/2 of it was ate. literally $30 down the drain when you consider that I made it last night, stuck it in the fridge and put it in the crockpot this morning at 8am at work and heated it until noon and turned it off and we ate and hung out from noon to 2pm. no fridge for me to store the leftovers. down they went into the garbage disposal. the biscuits i've been snacking on since we got home.

however everything else that was brought was ate --except for someone's store bought meat & cheese platter.

oh, but the funnest part was this morning.