Monday, December 08, 2008

Holiday Parties...

No offical word as of yet on when the Big Shebang is for my whole resort but our interoffice Accounting thing is the 23rd and nice and casual. Our Resort one will most likely be somewhere in January and black tie-ish like affair.

This weekened is the holiday party for Joe's work -it's between the black tie and casual. I'm a nervous wreck. The 1 time I've met most of the folks at his place of employment I had a shitty day at my own work, i looked hagard and I had a migraine on top of 2 hours OverTime. I sounded like the typical over bearing mean girlfriend saying "honey, it's time to go -I have a migraine" after I'd been there about 5 minutes. (they were have a "team building" event at a local bar and he'd been there for a while with them already). I could see the look on thier face it was "bitch alert! bitch alert!"

Now, his immediate supervisor seems to think I'm the cat's meow. He's always wanting to talk to me and hangout with me when I use to pick up Joe from work. And he can be funny --and slightly annoying. But funny. And he's nosy. And opinionated. And wants to give constant advice that's unwarranted and asked not asked for.

I know these people know "of me". I'm sure some of them have seen me on the survelence camera walking on the dock to get to Joe's office.

I'm just freakin out a little bit here. These are strangers and I don't do too well in these kinds of environments. I just hope I don't freak out or anything.

I'm going to have to do something with myself besides wash my hair and let it go. Make up -- oh friggin hell. I feel like a moronic idiot already and it's not even Saturday night yet.

And my Joe is so handsome. and I'm this freak. I hate to embarass him because I'm stupid, fat and ugly.