Saturday, December 06, 2008

2 1/2 years of fighting...

In July 2006 I quit my job in Arkansas and left my family to move to Chicago. In August I started working at 2 places: TheSpa (now AcctgCmd) and TheFirm. From August 2006 to January of 2008 I worked 7 days a week and some of those days per week I worked 16 hour days (I'd wake up at 5:30 am to get to TheFirm and arrive home after working at the Spa at 1 am). I struggled long and hard to keep myself going every day. I fought to stay on with the Firm and perhaps climb the ladder of corporate success. When the firm laid some of us off in January 2008 it was the most devastating thing I have ever experienced. (I was 1 week away from putting in my 2 week notice at TheSpa.) To be told "Jenny, we love your work, we love the great things you bring and have brought to this company. You have helped us achieve so many goals, etc blahblahblah... but we can't afford to pay you anymore. And this can be just temporary. We will call you back when it picks up. But for now -what you are doing the Technicians and Engineers will have to do for themselves again. I'm sorry. We will miss you."

Since my coming on to the Spa I'd been after my bosses/supervisors for more hours, more opportunities. Non stop requesting. When I got laid off from TheFirm oh let me tell you it started up again with fullforce and when I was finally frustrated enough with my then Supervisor I found another job and quit the Spa. But the joke was on me. After 1 miserable month I left the other place and asked for my job back at the Spa.

Upon returning to the Spa I started working my regular weekend hours again and asking for more. And then a little birdy told me about AcctCmd. That they needed an extra hand. It was my way to get in the door and get transferred. That if I can get in there and get weekly set hours that I'm working that I would have preference over anyone else who would want the position come time to hire to refill it. Because I-haha- was already working it.

So, from March to June I worked in the Spa and Acctgcmd. I got overtime (that helped alot in catching us up) and I showed and proved my dedication to the company that I work for. That I'm a fast learner and an independant thinker. I helped revive some old methods to use better and faster new methods. I was even one of the major factors in the smooth transition from one software to another (sound familiar? I did that at TheFirm as well).

When July came around I was officially AcctgCmd and no longer TheSpa. I was so happy. I'd finally have insurance and PTO again. I'd only have to wait a 30 day grace period transition from PT to FT. And then August hit and I got some bad news (after 2 years of employment) that I would have to wait 6 months before I'm eligable for PTO but I can have the normal paid holidays, etc. I was furious. I was told upon transfer from PT to FT that in 30 days I'd have PTO (vacation). And then they had aquired a new policy in August that New Hires would have to wait and thier applying this policy to me. I fought them for a few weeks and decided I'd just take it as it was instead of making ripples. Which was more important: having PTO or having a Job?

Yesterday the payroll cashier called me into her office. She asked me what I would say if I could use PTO towards those hours I had to take off over Turkey Week because of the office shutting down. Turns out --Those that are transfered from PT to FT should only have the 30 day grace period until they get benefits NOT the 6 months for new hires. They implemented this new policy because folks were being hired in for a few months getting insurance/PTO/benefits and leaving. So they figure implementing a 6 month policy would save the company money.

However they didn't realize that alot of thier satelite resorts would take the new policy the wrong way. And utilize it on transfers. What does this mean for me? I get retro PTO starting in August. And it's possible I can use it for the days I've taken off in the past 30 days that were unpaid.

Now it seems the only thing I have to do now is keep working my ass off and try really had to make myself valuable to the company.

PS --it snowed last night. Wonderful White Winter Land outside...

pps --we're getting ready for a Harry Potter Marathon today.