Saturday, October 11, 2008

what's the best way to meet one's neighbors?

have a power outage.

around 4:30 this afternoon I was taking my clothes out of the dryer and low and behold lights out! Joe's immediate response was "what did you do?" me "opened the dryer" him "seriously, what did you do?" me "i opened the dryer". so he flips some breakers and nothing.

we venture outside --howdy neighbors!!!

i met the son of the man who lives across from us but upstairs. (there is no one immediately directly infront of us) i guess our neighbors upstairs from us were not home because they didn't venture out. and a few other people. I ended up giving away some scotch and bourbon to the one who has the wolfpup. she (he?) is beautiful.

Chekov you can rest assured it was not the bacardi you gave me. I have a glass of that occasionally --no way am I getting rid of RUM!

we spent about an hour and 1/2 talking to a few of our neighbors today. The one across the grassyknoll has a siamese that looks just like my DrakeDrake! we decided to take him outside for a stroll while chatting with our neighbors. he was such a good boy!

eventually it started to get dark and the mosquitos were eating me up so we came inside and started lighting up the house with candles. and JUST when we got em all lit, the power kicks back on --go figure!

unfortunatly the son is moving out soon... and the man I gave the booze to seems to be a really nice guy --altho I don't think I'd want to hangout with him too much.

atleast we have nice neighbors! atleast i got to MEET our neighbors. at the condo no one would even say "hi" in response to my hellos in the hallway passing... stuck up fuckers.