Sunday, October 12, 2008

so i'm an asshole sometimes

but i don't mean to be.


maybe i was harping on drinking because i look back at my past and see how much i use to drink all the time and it makes me sick?

or maybe its the fact that i can't drink without wanting to step outside and light one up.

or maybe i'm sick of the fact that i'm a light weight now.

maybe its because i've seen so many lives ruined because of drugs and alchohol?

could be that i'm afraid of becoming an alkie. because seriously, once i get started --i can't stop. and i'm so light weight right now that i'm passin out at 7pm. and if i start later because of that --i don't want to drink because i'm bored already and it does nothing but give me heartburn and a headache.

so to all my friends out there: i'm sorry! your more than welcome to come to my house and get your booze on and i'll be your designated crashing place. --or i'll drive you home and get you in the AM so you can have your car back.

so i'll make ya'll a deal! you want me to get drunk with you? or drink a bit? give me 24 hours notice so i can make sure i have NO vicodin in the system.

im sorry! don't hate me :-( it's just not fun being the only sober person in a room/bar filled with drunk people...