Saturday, October 11, 2008

I need friends Part 2

read I Really Want a Cigarette first

We left off the friend quest with Nevada. We use to email all the time at work and hangout during lunch and talk shit. But since the sports season has come upon us and he realized I wasn't joking about being a Packers fan... well needless to say he doesn't talk to me anymore. and the fact that he's too busy going out to sports bars and getting drunk....with him liking to play video games and stuff i thought he and Joe would hit it off great--until I found out he doesn't like fantasy or racing he's only into NFL video games....

And then we have the people I physically work with in the office. The AcctgCmd folks. None of which would I want to hangout with afterhours except like maybe 2. Pic and Savannah. Savannah has alot of issues and drama so I don't think I'd want to be her friend outside of work altho I'm sure she's awesome to hangout with. Pic lives farther away, it'd be a commute to get to one place to the other. And altho it's nice to have someone to chat with and talk to at work.. I don't want something personal ruining it between us, so I think I'll leave that avenue unveiled.

I have tried to be friends with the girls in TheSpa. Remember my birthday party in June I invited all of them to atleast stop by and none did? Remember I had gotten RSVPs from 80% of them?! They WOULD be there.... Sigh. I didn't see the glamour girls for what they are until then: out for themselves and if it doesn't better thier social status then they'll not do it. I'm not superficial so I don't want superficial friends.

Alabama and I don't speak anymore. We use to see eachother atleast once every few weeks or so. We use to hangout every weekend. And then it became like once a month. And since my birthday party we really havn't talked at all except via email and then when I told her I was moving its like stopped. Just out of the blue she stopped emailing me. I don't know if she lost her job or cut off her internet but we would email at work. Maybe she spent more time on the internet than working??? I liked her. I still like her. I can't do the drinking all the time, but she was fun.

Then you have the underaged kid who's parents are a member of the sports complex. He's 19 so he's not that underaged but he was a fun kid to talk to when he'd go work out. He use to go outside and smoke with me on my breaks. Maybe he realized I'm just an old fucker. or out of site out of mind and forgot about me cuz of the promotion?

I think that's what happend with Ozzie & Sharon. We use to hangout at my work all the time and they were always so interested in us being such great friends. They were upset that I was leaving my position but happy that I was moving on the greater things. I had talked to them about hanging out sometime. She use to bring me dinner on Friday night. Always something different from Portillos where she's a manager. I miss them. I chirped her the other day wanting to know if she'd like to check out my new place and if she's still having the halloween party they do annually. i havn't heard back from her. I think that I might have to write off Ozzie & Sharon. Sadly.

Ofcourse I'm not going to call Crystal. I didn't like hanging out with them anyways. And all she'd do is say I fucked her over and owe her money. All they want to do is hangout at the bar and drink.

why do so many people want to drink so much?! i can not drink that much, folks!!! I can't drink at all! i'm on pain meds and i want to have a baby. seriously, NO BOOZE! my bday was my last night of drinking and even then I didn't drink much.

ok i'm gonna have to go cook us something to eat. i'm starving.