Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Recovery - Day 2 & Moving almost complete

i'm not feeling he kind of pain I use to --unless I go to sit or stand

now it's just a achy been stabbed with needles kind of pain.

not even a good kind of stabbed with needles like a tattoo...

this just sucks -- and now i have to move into a new place:

Friday afterwork:
we're coming to the condo and packing up Nilla and the kitchen. Then we're going to the Townhouse getting Nilla settled into her new area and unpacking the kitchen. Then probly order take out to our new place for the 1st time. Go back to the Condo at some point for the night.

Saturday Morning:
about 8am we'll wake up, take showers and pack up the remaining items in the bathroom and the rest of the house. The movers should be along about 9:30 am. Then they'll load up the thier truck and we'll put drake's stuff in our car along with misc small stuff... not sure how long it'll take but i'm figuring around 11am we'll be headed to the townhouse. the movers will unload it all and then we'll make the decision on wether or not we want to invest in a new bedroom suit. --i'm thinking we are-- but we have to go down there and make it quick because at some point the cable person is coming and we have to be there.

After that, everything is up in the air. i have to "take it easy" for 7 days so i'm figuring next weekend is when i'll start unpacking everything that wasn't a "must have" but when you known me to listen?? --i'm thinking my back is going to force me to have to listen. i'm still owie :-(

so if this is a little too confusing - alot of gramatical and spelling mistakes - in my defence i'm so drugged up it's a good thing i didn't go to work today.

now that i've repeated myself --lol love the drugs!-- i'm going to go take a nap!