Wednesday, October 29, 2008

the one in which i don't kill people

just wanted to give a heads up that i'm pretty pissed off again today. it was a "not so fun" day at work and the details of which i'm not really comfortable talking about out loud because as Joe showed me today that there are blockers on computers that some folks have that i'd never know if they were viewing my webpage.

so let it be known that i was tempted and did not partake upon the temptation and they have lived to see another day...... and so have i.

but i really don't think i can take one more of thier mistakes - i really don't. but i know i will. and i'm afraid to go to upper management because i'm afraid that i'll be the wheel that squeeks too much so they'll just throw me out. i've been on my tippie toes at work keeping my head down and my nose to the grindstone. i'm not making waves but it just burns the hell out of me when i'm told me and Pic are not being productive when i know damn well and ready we are.

and now i've said too much.....i may vent on the private journal --so if you have access to it and you want to know the juicy details go visit me behind the scenes. and if you don't have access and you want it-let me know. i could give it to you.