Tuesday, October 28, 2008

stupid insurance companies

Remember when that cow hit us in the parking lot? The stupid one that was speeding with a child in her car and cutting through parking spaces?

I got a renewal notice from the insurance company. thier taking away my 5 year accident free and hiked up my insurance! i've called around to other insurance companies and they want double what i'm being charged now.... i'm SO pissed off at my insurance company and want to leave them, but I can't because i'll have to pay more somewhere else.


it was all her godamn fault. we were at a stand still. HER FUCKING VEHICLE WAS MOVING NOT OURS. and we're the ones being punished. MY insurance company paid out to HER to fucking have a dent repainted. something that wasn't even noticable with all the other fucking dents in that damn peice of shit she was driving. stupid bitch shouldn't be allowed on the road.

I've disputed as far as I can dispute. I can't dispute no more. She won. I've been beat. And now --sigh. Its not like I can remove Joe from the policy (he was driving) they'd still keep my rates higher because he was on the policy when it happened.

I COULD THROTTLE THAT FUCKING WHORE I WANT TO MAIME SOMETHING. My arm hurts from punching the wall. I was that mad. I am that mad. oh gods i am so mad right now. THAT STUPID SLUT BITCH FUCKING CUNT.


Feeling: pissed off

Listening to: steam boiling out of my ears