Friday, October 10, 2008

i really want a cigarette

so today went very well for me. i got the huge bill of my desk and into approval. i got more back from approval and finalized. i should and will say i kicked ass today.

so we came home and waited for our new bedroom set to come in. they brought the wrong damn headboard... and the crappy thing is: now it's starting to grow on me... ugh. wtf dude?? wtf. so we're suppose to go down and talk to the people we bought it from.

Joe is playing Rockband. It's nice to live somewhere that your neighbors can't hear you and vice versa...

altho that mother fucker down the street that likes to sit in his car and thump his bass is going to get my foot in his bass if he doesn't cut the shit out.

so i need some new friends. i need friends. not online people that i chat with in game but friends. if you don't count Joe I have one friend here in Illinois: Titan Saturnae. He could be described as: my bestfriend. He has hung out with me more than any so called friend up here. Once I decided that my money was staying in my pocket and I wasn't going out drinking anymore and being stupid my "socalledfriends" stopped being my friends. --i wonder why

so my 2 friends are Joe and Titan. I want to be friends with PIC (Partner in Crime -we are the 2 receivables girls) but I just -I guess I'm scared. I've tried to make friends with Nevada but all he's interested in is boozing and whoring women. (He's our new --started 4 months ago new-- Sales Coordinator)

ok i'll finish this up tomorrow --its bedtime in my new bed.