Wednesday, September 17, 2008

my job hetes me...or i hate it...maybe it's mutual?

so, there is a large high profile client and i put thier invoice together and sent them thier bill. i looked through it over and over again to make sure it was perfect. mail it out and finalize it and sure enough, there's a problem.

the problem is Group A was charged for Group B's stuff. this was done by Person A. Person B who found it because she was preparing Group B's stuff supposedly fixed it.

which, she kinda did but she kinda didn't. so anyways, a person error (Person A) who charged wrongfully and then Person B not following through and then *ME* not following up with my invoice turned into a mess today.

and you know i admit i didn't follow up with my invoice that someone else said they would fix. since SHE was the one transfering and changing charges why should I have to double check behind her? i trust her, she's a great co-worker and I feel we work well together.

my problem is that Person A has done this more than once. they do this messup alot. we've talked to thier supervisor about it and nothing that we know of has been done because we're still having the issues...

so who gets in trouble today? i did. because this group had over 100 day guests. they had about 200 overnight guests and they had about 50 of this thing that got messed up. ....ok I don't have lists of who the day guest is. I went through the charges for the thing and from what i could see (all charges said "group A" as the master account) were correct. How am I suppose to know that they were not part of Group A? when we ask for assignments from the outlet in question we are told "oh we don't keep that information once it's in the computer".

so how was the messup initially found? well, my co-billing person was reading her group's resume and it said they have this outlet. but nothing was posted to thier account. so thankfully the conference service manager for once actually had a list of people who were suppose to be doing this thing. and since i had already closed out my account and was done with it she took it over because she had to transfer the charges. which didn't get followed all the way through. so when my client called about her charges being messed up i went to check her account and it was still showing as all outlet charges still there. that's odd. so i transfered them myself and went to finalize both bills again... but wait, now there are double charges in the other account??? what.......oh boy.

so transfer what i had transfered back into the account that's mine. and i went to ask another coworker if they could help me figure where the extra money was comming from in the outlet. so after 4 hours total (from me starting to her sayin "just write it off") we're no where and don't know what happened... but what do i hear?

"You should have found those charges before coworker did. you should have known about that and fixed it already. why didn't you do this why didn't you do that. it's your job to find these mistakes.........." hello. i looked. and i don't appreciate being down talked to and being made like it's my fault that a mistake wasn't caught that i have no way of catching.

so in the end i almost burst out into tears. i did cry silently at my desk while i was writing off charges and finalizing the bill and sending a revised to my client and appologizing to her profusely.

and in the 4 hours i took us to figure out the damn thing and the 2 hours i spent in training for an upgrade and the other 2 hours i spent reversing no shows that were actually inhouse......i had a wonderful day (can you hear the sarcasm?) and i got nothing done with the two huge groups that are sitting on my desk.

1 is required for daily billing and since our systems have been down because of the upgrades i have alot of catching up to do. and the other one is not inhouse anymore and thier waiting on thier bill but i havn't had a moment to even think about it because of the other group and now this thing with another one.....

i honestly think i am going to look for another job. i don't know if i can handle this job anymore.

and ofcourse the woman we are trying to rent from goes to call both supervisors today to try and get a character reference from them.......and they both refuse to talk to her and forward her to HR. which she talks to me and tells me that she can't go any further unless someone speaks to her and ofcourse HR hasn't called her back and i even told HR to PLEASE call her back we want this house!

so i'm stressed and mad and upset and angry at my work right now.

my personal life is amazing---------my work is being an asshole.