Friday, September 19, 2008

don't you love miscommunication?

so when we went down there a few weeks ago to look at this townhouse thing i asked what would the deposit be and he said $600 altho they might ask for more because it has brandnew carpeting... no problem.

so, i think we're moving. and moving soon! there is 2 catches: we're about 540 short on having all the money requested because instead of $600 deposit it's the equiv of the rent. The $600 he was talking about was a "guarantee" deposit if we wanted them to not show anyone the place until a decision was made between us...

she's willing to let us payout the deposit in Nov & Dec seeing as how we'll be signing a 2 year lease.

so my only delimea NOW is: getting enough people together to move me.........and fucking having the money to rent a uhual!

30 minutes later.........

ok we're only $300 short on the deposit. i forgot about my check next week.

our current landlord is going to let us use our security deposit as October's rent! we're going to schedule the movers for the 1st weekend in october. I'm calling them to schedule as soon as she calls me!!!

I SO hope we got this. *crosses her fingers* DUDE THIS IS GONNA BE AWESOME!

No neighbors below us! No neighbors on top of us! a guaranteed fixed price in rent for atleast 2 years. 2nd bedroom --definatly room for growth. NOT as much money as we want to spend a month, but in the long run with the washer & dryer plus being closer to work - it's about the same if not a little less than what we're paying now!!!

ok, i'm gonna go veg on the tv for a bit.....