Tuesday, September 16, 2008

looks like we're getting needles stuck in our back...

you can read more about the procedure here

this will be happening on the 30th.

the website says to stop all pain meds, etc the day of the procedure, however i was directed by my doctor to stop them on friday along with going in for blood work after work on friday.

so she thinks i have a tear in the disc, in the .....well, where you can't see it. in the center or whatever. because she said that most people feel pain going side to side, i however am fine side to side. forwards and backwards and bending in general is what gets me.... HELL ITS THE BASE OF MY BACK! where you BEND. It fucking hurts.

i can't even put on my panties without pain. raising my leg(s) onto the ottoman to stretch out hurts.

ok enough pitty me shit.

i'm going to go wait for 90210 to come on. and try to be confident in the doc that she's not going to make a mistake and paralyze me. that its not going to hurt.