Tuesday, September 30, 2008

i'm home...

been home since about noon??

i don't remember much. sat in waiting forever in the waiting room - and then waiting in pre surgery with the IV -- finally i got wheeled back into procedure room. i had to lay on my tummy which is a *very* painful position for me. - then they gave me the goodshit... which took a while to kick in - last thing i remember is her telling me thier going to help it out by giving me a shot -- i felt the prick and a rush of flame in my back and down my leg - next thing i know, i'm in recovery.

i'm loopy. i'm hurting but its a different kind of pain... it's like a burning sensation sometimes... it's like a hard knot in the middle of my back...

anyways, nothing abnormal from what the after care plan says. i just want a nap -- i'm going to take a nap.

thank you to every one who shared thier well wishes and thinking of yous. its been greatly needed and appreciated.

and most importantly: thank you to Joe: who held my hand and stayed by my side and has sat here since we got home watching Married with Children reruns all day.