Friday, September 05, 2008

i *love* my doctor!

she is the most awesome person! and she's really nice... and when i tell her i'm in pain she doesn't look at me like i'm doing it for attention (like that damn physical therapy bitch) she actually listens to me and takes care of me!

so, needless to say i went in this morning and she checked me out... got a new prescription. I'm not in so much pain anymore! yay! me's going to be all better :-)

and while I was there, she gave me the physical results of my MRI. and i'm going to share them with you: (some of it cuz it's really boring medical jargon)

This one is for the spine itself:
MRI lumbar spine without gadolinium

Findings: vertebral body heights are normal. no compression fracture or spondylolisthesis present.

At L5/S1 there is disc desiccation with midline disc protrusion present, protruding disc extends into the ventral epidural fat without compressing the thecal sac or emerging nerve roots. there is mild narrowing in the AP diameter of the central canal at this level secondary to disc protrusion.

At L4/L5 there is disc height loss and disc desiccation present. Midline disc protrusion is present on background of disc bulging. protruding disc extends into the ventral epidural fat where it abuts but does not compress the thecal sac. there is mild narrowing of the central canal at this level.

the remaining lumbar disc levels are normal without disc herniation or spinal stenosis detected. the distal cord and conus are within normal limits. no paraspinal lesions detected.

Impressoin: mild narrowing of the central canal at L4/L5 secondary to midline disc protrusion present on a background of disc bulging. mild narrowing of the central canal at L5/S1 secondary to midline disc protrusion.

THIS ONE! however is where it gets INTERESTING and it's for my pelvic region:
MRI pelvis without contact

Findings: dedicated multiplanar imaging of the sacrum performed.

sacral marrow signal is normal. no marrow edema, focal lesion or fracture detected.

normal signal noted at the SI joints. no fluid detected at the SI joints.

sacral neural foramina within normal limts. no focal lesion or signal abnormality detected at the sciatic notch bilaterally.

no presacral fluid collections.

visualized portions of the femoral heade reveal normal signal.

Incidental note made of multiple small follicles within the ovaries

Impression: MR appearance of the sacrum within normal limits

FOLLICLES IN MY OVARIES! you know what that means? I have more now that I did!!! When Hephaestus and I were on chlomid the last time they did a follicle count on me (December of '04) I only had like 2 in each one! I HAVE MORE! I hope thier producing eggs. I really want to get in there and get blood tests done and find out where my hormone levels are..... I have to be patient. If we aren't pregnant by my 29th birthday then she'll do all that then. But I feel so impatient!


ppppppllllllleeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaasseeeeee be releasing eggs!

I think we're just missing the fertile period. Somehow we're missing it. Maybe my days are off? Even by just 1 it can make a crucial difference......

oh I can't wait to be a mommie!