Sunday, September 28, 2008

Green Bay Packers @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers

so close! so FREAKIN close --and then the Bucs get an interception-- damn but it was a good game!
Packers! 2-2 is not good enough! You must be better than this!!!
Green Bay Packers 21
Tampa Bay Buccaneers 30

Click here to see the scoreboard.


On to other non sports related news:

  we got our keys today and laid out a game plan for our new home... i'm really frustrated with it. i didn't look hard enough while we were in the talking portion and them showing it to us... i caught the mildew in the bathroom cabinets and they cleaned that out. its rusty underneath --the place is old and dated and that really sets me off-- the person who rented the place for 3 years before us did absolutely nothing but minor surface cleaning. which means we get to go in and do a deep cleaning. i don't know why our future landlords have not.

 i'm going to buy cabinet and drawer liners to go in them before i put my own things in there. because really, it's bugging me.

  and when i say its dated.... the doors are metal... like metal metal. not wood or even particle board but metal... aluminum metal. seriously they need to update the place but i was just --oh a 2 bed in our price range with a garage and washer/dryer (which looks as old as moses --hope it works decent), etc etc -- i guess there are lots of things we should have brought up to be taken care of... like the sliding glass door to the should be patio area (it's a dead flower garden) is so hard to open and the window treatments are a pain in the ass.

  ok so all i'm doing is bitching about my new home. i should be thankful i have a place to live.

  either they are going to let me renovate/change some shit or they are --and the 1st thing that's going to be delt with is the aluminum doors and plastic cabintry...

but now we have room to grow! --babie's room here we come!!!! (til then it's just going to be occupied by my pagany stuff)

ps... one way to set me off: don't fuck with my laundry --someone took my cloths out of the washer!!! yeap! and we were only 10 mins shy of the dryers ending ---i have sat here for 3 hours before waiting for some moron to take thier shit out of the washer and dryer and NEVER touched a goddamn thing of thiers -- i guess its a good thing we're moving -- because it was the people who live across the way from us --literally door to door....

damn fucking stupid polocks. (and i can say this cuz thier fresh off the boat polish)