Monday, August 18, 2008

no no no no no no no no

damnit and damnit and damnit. 3 days into looking for a new place to live and its crap starting all over again.

WHY can't you people GET OVER the fact that SOME of us had a MIDLIFE fucking crisis and our situations BEFORE we met you were not ideal so our CREDIT might not be ideal and just fucking stop being DICK HEADS!

*grumbles away*

stupid fucking sonsofwhores bitches dickless fags

equal housing opportunity my asshole!

on a lighter note: i dreamt that I was thrown into a snake of pits by my exhusband Hephaestus while he stood there laughing at me. and after waking up screaming i fell back asleep and dreampt i was kept prisoner in the top of a tower and each time i'd try to escape i'd lose another "treasure" until finally another king decided to invade the castle i was captured in and i woke up...

ps, i love joe!